Friday, February 29, 2008

About dreamland

Do you remember when you stopped believing in fairies , prince charming, Santa Clause.......
I can't remember myself, but I just know that one day you just wake up with no faith in anything.....just in your daytime reality.
And the more you grow, the more you learn that no other reality exist other than the one you live in.
If you have the chance to live in a great reality, good for you! If not, good luck in your life as you've lost your faith in your fairy good mother a long time ago.

Why is it so important to bring back that faith?

The first and most important step on that path is the desire to go back to dreamland. Find out all the reasons in yourself, in your life to do it.

How do you bring it back?

When you have grown that desire, you have to listen to your interior voice, it will show you the path.

How do you find the way back to dreamland, the dimension of all things possible.

Once you've heard your interior voice, you have to start communicating with it, and you'll see, everything will become different, easyer, because it is your power.

Showing you that way is my goal, as an individual an artist and a coach.

Now you are ready to explore the dimension off all things possible.

Have a good trip!

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