Monday, March 3, 2008

The diamond in you

We should stop seeing ourselves with negative eyes, and start considering ourselves as diamonds. Every single Human soul is a diamond.

As a diamond, we have multiple facets, as a diamond, we are precious and strong, and as a diamond, we can reflect light.

The problem, is that we don't take care of that soul.
Let us consider that we decide to manage everyday a few moments for a discussion with our soul, and try to eliminate all the conflicts we can have. I am not talking about conflicts with other people, I am talking about conflicts with ourselves. Those kinds of conflicts can have important impact on our future.

Why? Because if we are not in harmony with ourselves, we will not give ourselves the possibility to do what we can do.

There are many ways to communicate with our soul. It can be meditation or contemplation, sport, art, anything we find joy in.

So Take care of your diamond, and clean it from all the dirt which has gathered on it, and the entire world will see you shine, and will shine through you!


Anonymous said...

nice blog! You r right letting go is the first step in making progress as a person.

I hope you will give us some tips on how to let go,...

Jean said...

i love this one!
angel's hair, congratulations for this blog, long life!

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