Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interview with Flora Sicot

My guest today is Flora Sicot. She is an excellent pianist, jazz and gospel singer. She studied classical piano at the conservatoire, and then turned to Jazz and gospel.
Now, she is a pianist-singer and works mostly with 
The new Orleans Gospel Quartet
Here are two links where you can hear her wonderful voice!


Besides, she is the very busy mum of two cute kids.

What impress me with Flora is that she goes through life with a big smile on her face.

The interview:

Me: For how long have you been playing with “Kirby memory”?
Flora: We needed one year to create the repertoire. That was a lot of work (search for the musical scores, musical arrangement, etc….), and we started playing about 2 years ago.

Me: What are your goals in music?Flora: I’d liked to create several projects….One in jazz (piano, songs, string bass, drums), with new runs and arrangement of old standards; another one with soul, afro, gospel ambiance and brass section.For now, I want to work on my piano and my voice. I am still beginning.Me: Do you believe in your lucky star?Flora: Yes, I think we all have one,…but I believe in God, he is my lucky star.Me: Do you have times of doubts?Flora: Every…..day!! Most seriously, there are period of doubt. But they help me awakening, and stay in the good direction… They are good if they don’t last too long.Me: How do you deal with those periods of doubts?Flora: I try to stabilize myself, to stay objective, and not being submerged…..I accept them………doubt is our own fears that we have to fight. We have to work on them in order to evolve.Me: What method do you use to find back your energy?Flora: In general, Bach flowers for emotions, Solitude to find myself……When I am really physically and morally tired, I treat myself with a shiatsu session.Me: Is it effective?Flora: Yes…I have the chance to have a profession that gives me a lot of energy, good energies… I can be tired, have a low morale, as soon as I am on repetition, I find back my energy and force. Music is magic for that. Jazz for the feelings of life and a certain nostalgia, and gospel for faith and hope.Me: What is your motto in life?Flora: I love this sentence from Hawes: “ Sow an action, you will glean a habit, Sow a habit, you will glean a personality, sow a personality, you will glean a destiny”….I am working on it.

Thank you flora for sharing.

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