Friday, March 7, 2008

The "letting go" principle

Who never had the experience of trying to have something so hard, that you put all your energy and thought on it,….but at the end, don’t have it.

Then you start asking yourself: Why didn’t I get it? Am I unfortunate?

And you go on denigrating yourself: “I am not good”And qualify yourself with negative adjectives. ( This is the reason why the diamond has to be cleaned sometimes Cf “ the diamond in you”).

We all heard about the “letting go” principle. Philosophies, Psychologies, religions, and all the spirituals taught around the world tell us about it.

“Letting go”, so easy to say, so hard to apply, but so successful!

If you decide ( I insist on decide, as it is the sinequanone condition to all personal development path) to apply the “letting go” principle in your life, you have to be aware of the consequences of focusing on something.

Let’s take this example:

You want to visit a friend who just bought a house in a town at 1 hour from you. You never went there, so before you take the road, you print the directions.

During the trip, you focus so much on following the directions you have printed that you don’t even notice that the road is full off signs and indications on where you have to go.

You continue on following your instructions, when you find out that a few miles further, there is a traffic jam.

You finally arrive at your friend’s house 2 hour after the party ended.You have missed all the opportunities offered to you to get there on time.

Once you are conscious of the lost of lateral vision generated by focusing too much your attention on something, you can correct it by finding out things, thoughts, activities in which you find joy in, to help you defocus your attention from your target point.

Frequently, when we focus, we lose the ability to listen. So reintroduce the communication with your interior voice, and you will see the path to your goal.


Nialee said...

Love, peace and happiness

Nialee said...

Your are a Light
You are Light
Your words are so full
And flow so good
Like positive waves surrounding and carrying
Thank you for being you
Thank you


Kevin Darrell said...

Thankyou for those helpful tips. I will be sure to refer back here from time to time.

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