Saturday, March 15, 2008

The magic of meditation

During my coaching sessions, I used to ask my clients to meditate. And most of the time, their answer was: “Meditation? But I don’t know how to meditate…I have never learned…”
Maybe we should start initiating our kids to the art of meditation….
For me, meditation is the thing I use in period of big trouble (stress, conflicts, fears, etc…)
You can use many methods.

Here is mine:

Just find for a few moments a quiet place. You can put music on (peaceful music) if you want. The important thing is that you have to ensure that no aggressive sound will disturb you.
Lay down on your back. You have to be comfortable.
Then close your eyes and start your meditation.
I often had this reflection from my clients:” I have tried once, but I couldn’t empty my mind. That’s too hard.”
My response was: “You are doing it wrong; you must not start a meditation by trying to stop your thoughts! That’s impossible!!!”
If you try that way, surely you will never succeed! You have to let your mind (soul) go where it wants. Don’t try to control your thoughts! Don’t try…..and you’ll see, it will go far far away from the initial point. Thus, you will evacuate all your parasites thoughts till you reach “the highest level”.

Here is my tip:

If you are a beginner, choose the word “peace” to start your meditation. That means that you should close your eyes and mentally repeat this word and think of all images associated.
By “highest level “, I mean that very nice state (for the body and the soul) where you finally find yourself. I won’t try to describe it because it is very different from an individual to another.One thing is certain, that state “washes” you from all your negative energy, and charges you with positive energy.
Have a good meditation!

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