Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tips to "let go"

In a post comment, I’ve been asked to give tips on how to “let go”..

That makes me think that maybe I should develop the last part of the “letting go principle” post.

Once you have decided to apply the letting go principle in your life, the best way to succeed, is to defocus your attention from your target point. To achieve that objective, you have to find an alternative point to focus on.The best alternative points are the ones which don’t present the same risk as the first one. They have to be things, thoughts and activities in which you had found peaceful joy in the past.

Here are my tips:

1-Physical activities: Sports, yoga, and dance: all physical activities helps you to evacuate your mental tension through your body and generates endomorphines which is good for you during that period.I prefer running because it helps you clean your mental state

2-Mental activities: Chess, Sudoku etc… They require your attention.

3-Manual activities: Knitting, scrapbooking, crafting, painting, fiddling….They clean your mind in a creative and constructive way.

4-Change your environment: Put order in your room, change the position of your furnitures, Change the colors in your home, and make it takes the look of the new you.

5- Treat yourself: treat yourself like the very precious diamond you are.

6- Travel if you can: By taking a physical distance from your target, the mind will follow.

7- Break the routine: Change at least 2 routines in your everyday habits.

8-Make a list: make a numbered list of all the things you want to accomplish in your life. Put objectively your target point on that list. The order of the list should be from the more important to the less important. See the result.(Health issues are an exception, and if you do have health issues, you should be accompained by a professional.) It shouldn’t be the first of the list. This helps you to put relativity in your vision. Keep the list with care, and read it once a year.

And remember a fixation is a mental prison, that while growing, prevents your light from being reflected. “Letting go” doesn’t mean that you won’t have what you want. On the contrary, it means that you give yourself the possibility to have it by letting your light shine with all its power.

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Anonymous said...

Super, ça y est!!!
Toutes mes félicitations pour ce travail qui nous caresse les yeux...
Je me lancerai bientôt dans tes traces!
Laura, une fan

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