Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Think positive

Today, I want to tell you about our thoughts, and how they can affect our lives.
The person who described this best is Ahmadou Hampate Ba. He is an African writer who wrote many successful books.
In his book “The inspiring life of Tierno Bokar", he explains why thoughts are important, how our own thought can act in our life.
I totally adhere to this idea.

Here are his views below:
Imagine that in each person there are 2 walls: a white wall and a red one.
The red wall has several holes, and in each hole, a red bird.

The white wall also has several holes, and in each hole a white bird.

Red birds symbolize bad thoughts and white birds symbolize good thoughts.

Each good thought you have release a white bird. A place is now empty in the white wall, ready to receive someone else white bird (good thought).
But it works the same way for red birds ( bad thoughts). Each bad thought you have release a red bird, and empty a place in the red wall, ready to receive the bad thought of someone else.

So according to Ahmadou Ampathe Ba, The more you have good thoughts for others, the more you are willing to receive good thoughts from others that will have impact in your life.
Ibid for the bad thoughts.

So in a few words, you receive what you give. Balance of the universe.
You may not receive it by the person you gave it to, but you will receive it as soon as a place on your wall is empty.
So try the more you can to think positive.

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