Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Liberate yourself from your mental prisons.

A mental prison can destroy an individual!
Everybody has experienced this, being locked in an invisible jail, so invisible that most of the time, you don't even notice it! Frequently, it is people close to you that see that you look trapped.
They see you changing, losing your joviality, and becoming obsessed.

The reasons why we let ourselves feel imprisoned are various, but it is mostly due to some insecurity on our part.
This insecurity in our personality is usually the source of our own doubts and fears.
This insecurity can also be made worse by the environment we are in. For example our family, friends, or even collegues can all influence our feelings or sense of insecurity. Even nurturing negative thoughts could have an impact on us.

A good way to detect early feelings of insecurity is to be attentive to other peoples reaction around you. When people around you alert you that you are changing, becoming obsessed and close minded, when you see yourself that you can't deploy your wings anymore, that your vision is really restricted, you have to start looking for these weaknesses founded in insecurity.
Some of the questions you need to ask include:

-Which part of my personality is easily affected or sensitive to feelings of insecurity?
-Why is this the case?
-What is the source?

Accepting there is a problem is halfway towards solving the problem.
Initiate a sincere dialogue with yourself, and in the process, clean the diamond in you.
Remember mental prisons can destroy us, but what doesn't destroy us can only make us stronger!

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This is a really good post.

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