Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finding happiness in small things

It is sometimes useful when you feel frustrated, unhappy for some reason with your life, to focus on the small details that fill your heart with joy and happiness.
Doing this helps you to put relativity in your perception of the world. These small moments of joy finally take their real place; they become what they really are, your source of happiness, and your frustrations become what they really are, temporary challenges!!!

Here are some of the things I like to focus on when I feel unhappy with my life for a reason or another....

-Small talks with my kids on our way to school.

-The warmth of my duvet and the body of my husband in the morning just before the alarm rings.

-Finishing an art work and being happy with it.

-Reading a good book, article or blog post.

-Seeing a good painting or sculpture.

-Making a good dinner and hearing the kids say…”I love you mom you are the best mom in the world.”

- Having the kids’ school calling me and say that my son is in the honor roll.

-Taking a bath with a good glass of wine and a good book….and staying in until the water becomes cold.

- Having my husband calling me sexy after a few years of marriage.

-Eating artichoke and asparagus.

-Listening to good music.

-Ice skating with my son, and trying hard not to fall down.

-Spending a few hours cleaning all the mess in the house, angry with everybody, and when the work is done, being happy to have such a nice home.

-Spending some good time with my friends.

-Seeing good movies.

-Coming back home sweet home when it is -13C outside.

-Watching the ocean.

-Having my coffee in bed on Sunday morning while looking by the window at the squirrel on the tree.

It seems like I could continue this list for some hours…
Everybody has their own list to do!!
Yes, frustrations are only temporary challenges….but if you look closer at life’s little details, you might be able to see how wonderful your life truly is.


Gideon Bankole said...

I love your blog and your sense of art! Keep it up!

One Love said...

Beautiful and touching! Thank you for sharing your heart and your art!


Danangib said...

These little small things of everyday's life become sometimes more important than everything. You have to take big decisions only few times in a life, but when you can enrich your days with love, beauty, understanding, colour, joy...and you share them with your family life is good, challenges come and go and you just grow stronger.
Lovely blog, lovely thoughts...

contented said...

loved nina simone

Gary Heller said...

When my son and daughter called me on my birthday as i was away, it was one of those little things in life that fill in those gaps and bring a certain "completion" and finishing touch to it all. sometimes those little things are most important of all. I have a photograph titled "the little things in life" that was inspired by just such things. . .

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