Saturday, February 28, 2009

The sense of humor

In my opinion one of the most beautiful, valuable and helpful gift given to humankind is the sense of humor.
The laugh has so much power, it helps play down the importance of certain situations, helps taking some distance from our issues, and fill our soul with joy.

The laugh is one of the most neglected soul food! Some praises, some meditates, and some makes a therapy, some listen to music, some does art, but most of us while growing up and becoming adults forget to laugh…life seem to be such a serious think.

Think of this: Children don’t do most of these things, but (otherwise they are prevent to do so) they never forget to laugh…..Did you ever take a break and listen to children laughing? It is such a beautiful music.

So all this to say that we should sometimes stop taking life so seriously, nobody asked us to do so, and start using more of this precious gift that we have: Our sense of humor.


love said...

a sense of humor is so important. i don't think i could get through the struggles of life without being silly and laughing all the time. it boggles me to see people who are so serious and so uptight all the time. i don't know, i think i'll always be a kid at heart=)

Mariam said...

That's my problem, I'm so serious. Gonna try to laugh at myself a little more, maybe in a week or 2.

Great advice, Angela!

Annette Piper said...

Mariam you have such a wonderful blog I've given it an award. See my post here

angelshair said...

OMG! Thank you so much Annette!!! I feel so priviledge to receive this from you! You have such a nice blog!

angelshair said...

Hi Mariam, thank you for your comment, I am happy this post inspires you! I like the idea that even people from europe reads my posts, this gives me the courage to continue! By the way, my name is Mariam too, but My husband have no tatoo;-).

lisleman said...

I agree - the focus behind my blog is

lighten up - most of us are working with a few clowns short of circus

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