Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amor and Psyche

I love Greek myths; they are so full of symbols and hidden meanings
The myth of Amor and Psyche is one of my favorite Greek myths.
Amor is the god of love, and Psyche a simple but extremely beautiful mortal human. She was so beautiful that even Aphrodite the goddess of love was jealous of her.
I wouldn’t retell this myth about the love story of Amor and Psyche as you can find many versions of this story online. Here is a link to one of these versions on Wikipedia.

Amor in latin means love (also known as Cupid, the Roman god of love), and Psyche in Greek means soul. So this is a story between the soul and love.

What I found interesting is to see how Amor (love itself) was stunned by the beauty of psyche (the soul).
It is also interesting to see how in a first time Amor have to remain hidden from the eyes of its lover (Psyche) and how their love must be kept secret.

Another fascinating point is to see how this story between love and soul elevate the soul to the status of immortality.
And at least, it is remarkable to see that their daughter, the fruit of their love is named Voluptas, which means sensual pleasure and bliss (delight, harmony). This is my favorite part…sensual pleasure (wich is very human) and harmony born from divine love.

This is so far from what we are taught in most of today’s culture: human pleasure and divine must remain separate concepts. The sacred and the profane...

So to conclude, the human soul access to immortality by fully living its relationship with love. The path to accomplish this relationship is not meant to be simple, or easy, but we will have all the help we need to accomplish the union between our soul and love.
This relationship will not only help our soul in its quest for immortality, but also helps us create harmony in our lives.


LLnL said...

That post was very cool. I know very little about Mythology, but have always been interested in learning. I love what you get out of it. For me life is about balance and to try to separate your life into parts is insanity. If a part of you has goodness than it should not be hidden and stored away until dark. Love, soul and sexuality are all a beautiful part of life, nothing to be ashamed of.

angelshair said...

Wow!! This is exactly how I see the world!!

Danangib said...

Beautiful post, your blog is more and more interesting every day. There a lot of meaningfull stories in Mythology and I'm very happy someone had the kindness to share them. Thank you, Mariam.
I sent you a mail about the interview.

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