Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interview with Dana Nedelea

My friend Dana accepted to make this interview on my blog, and I feel very happy!
Dana is a photographer and a blogger, she makes lovely pictures, and one of her specialty is music group photography. I hope you will take the time to visit EastSide blues band's website to see the beautiful pics she made for the group. Today’s interview will be illustrated by her floral and portraits( that I looovve) photography.

Me: Can you tell a little bit about yourself and how you came to photography?

Dana: I was born and grew up in Romania, in a big city called Ploiesti, known for its oil refineries (because of that it was intensely bombarded at the end of the second world war by American aviation) and its beautiful chestnut trees boulevard.

I lived 30 years under communism, but I can say I had a beautiful childhood and adolescence, being blessed with wonderful parents. I was lucky to be a teenager in the ‘70s when there it was an opening to culture and I could spend all my time reading good books, watching films, listening those years’ music or classical music, going to the theatre, to the ballet and winning 3 literature prizes (in high school). I also played tennis, handball and I did gymnastics.

Things got worse in my country at the beginning at ‘80s when the access to information and art was stopped. That time I graduated Chemistry in Bucharest and I started to work as an engineer. Next 25 years of my life I just survived (another 8 years of communism and 17 years of never ending transition) in a beautiful country, with nice people, but where the personality and individual talent didn’t matter.

I tried to remain faithful to my hobbies: reading, tennis, watching good films and documentaries. In 2004, after I found myself alone ( my parents died too early and my marriage broke in pieces) I refused to let the grief defeat me and I decided it’s the time to live my life in my way, alone or with an open-minded partner ( I wished to live with somebody I can talk with, share everything, to be loved for what I am and to be encouraged to find my way).

Short time after I decided (against my friends’ advice) the traditional Romanian style of life is not for me, I met my partner (he’s a Gibraltarian) who is everything I dreamt and more. He is a musician and he played with different rock bands (the most famous of them being Scarecrow in ‘70s, they used to play in same concerts with Jimmy Hendrix, Garry Moore or Pink Floyd).

He noticed my photographic talent and encouraged me to develop it (I always made good pictures), but I started to take photography very seriously last year when we moved together to Gibraltar and the acquisition of a Nikon D60 in November 2008 helped me a lot.

At at my suggestion, he changed Rock music for the Blues and now he’s part of The EastSide Blues Band and they started to be a name here in Gibraltar (they just appeared in Gibraltar Globe Magazine last week). I’m the photographer of the band and I participated from the beginning at the promotion of it (being their adviser and I‘m very proud of what they realized so far in so short a time).

My pictures of the band and all the biographies of the 4 musicians, their blog, comments of the fans, press and 8 tracks with their music can be found on My new life in Gibraltar after I crossed all Europe leaving Romania and the process of discovering myself in a new world, my everyday pictures, all of these can be followed on my blog Also my pictures portfolio can be seen at or on

Me: Where do you get your inspiration?

Dana: My source of inspiration is nature and everyday life. I believe that before you try to change into art your nightmares or bad memories you should look around you. I took beautiful shots in Alameda Gardens, which is a Botanical Garden (different from others because the plants grow wild); also I took interesting shots in a market place where I found beautiful characters. Just looking at them, they’re untold stories (they were very friendly and happy to pose). I think my pictures show those kind of things people tend to miss considering them very common and dull, but this is my way to show my appreciation and interest for everything I got as a gift living in a wonderful place surrounded by nice people.

Me: What are your goals?

Dana: For me, art means 70% talent & inspiration and 30% experience & technique. My goal is to achieve enough experience and technique to be able to express through my pictures what I see or what I feel when I’m taking a shot. Also I wish EastSide Blues Band to have more and more fans, so, please visit and join their site.

Photographies: Dana Nadelea/Music: EastSide Blues Band

Me: Do you believe in your lucky star?

Dana: Yes.

Me: Do you have periods of doubts

Dana: I can’t say I have periods of doubts, it’s more a kind of disappointment in front of the lack of reaction or interest of people in art (I‘m very disappointed by my friends from Romania, who are very reserved in following my blog and making any comments on my work).

Me: How do you deal with those periods of doubts?

Dana: I don’t have a special method. I just keep myself busy finding all the time something to do : I read books, take pictures, watch good films, work on the computer, talk with my partner about interesting subjects or we just take a walk together or I invent delicious recipes making a surprising meal from almost nothing , etc…. due to these activities I’m never bored and I don’t let the doubts or disappointment to overwhelm me.

Me: What method do you use to find back your energy?

Dana: Well, I have a good sense of humor and that helps. Also I’m very well balanced, I know in life there are good times and bad times. What is important is to learn your lessons and go further trying to improve your work.

Me: What is your motto in life?

Dana: Don’t take anything for granted, look around you, the world is beautiful and you are lucky enough to be part of it.


LLnL said...

Great Interview! I'm sorry for my limited vocab, I don't have the words to express the delight and awe this post brought.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Melinda said...

Very interesting. You asked some great questions. I agree with Dana that humor gets one through just about anything.


Ian said...

Great interview. I know how oppresive the communist years were in Romania. What a wonderful photo of a blue flower at the end.

Alexander Walters said...

Hey there, I love your blog. Thanks for following mine, do you like it? I'm now following Angel's Hair!


Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Wonderful interview! WHAT a story!! I have been following Dana's art and blog for a while (you're right, she does do beautiful work) now, but this interview was wonderful to help us get to know more about her and her amazing story and attitude. Excellent!

love said...

I love how she says she gets her inspiration from everyday life. Sometimes the most simple and ordinary things around us can also be the most beautiful. I'm really loving all your interviews. Someone should interview you sometime=P your an awesome artist too!

elfya said...

wow! J'adore l'interview Mariam! Vachement touchent! Et tres vraie!

ChezChani said...

Wonderful feature, thank you.

James Oh said...

Great interview and I confess that I have learn a lots from her. Her bold step have inspired me to press on my goal. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful interview, Thanks to both Dana and Angelhair.

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