Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Under the sun

The following text and flash illustration ( except of course the picture from Hubble^_^) is from my husband! I found it very interesting to have the beginning of a sctientifical explaination to a philosophical problem. We discussed this matter one day, and I discovered how far science have already gone!! Since then, I believe that we can no more make a clear separation between science and spirituality/philosophy/personal growth.

Under the Sun

Nothing is hidden under the sun. For me, this also means that no deed is without witnesses.
We like to characterize witnesses as sentient beings capable of seeing our intentions, but this definition is limited, as the realm of human perception remains limited to how we visualize the world.

Take a book for example. An inert object with words contained within.
Here is a philosophical question: Is a book only worthy if it is being read?
In the same line of thoughts, are our actions meaningful only when they are being observed?

In my opinion, the fabric of the space time tends to build bridges between what we might call the impossible. Quantum teleportation has proven that relationships exist between the building blocks of matter, beyond the observable.
In this same spirit, I would argue that our action (or inactions) also reaches across the void of space time to trigger other actions whether perceptible or imperceptible to us. We might not have the technological know-how today to measure the effects (ripples might be a better term) of our actions, but we can agree that we humans are part of the very fabric of space-time itself, and hence our actions will ripple across the surface of space/time even when there is no observer.

Why is this important? Well my idea is that it would be wise for us to take time to understand our actions and their possible consequences, because the ripple effect could affect us as well. It sounds obvious but a lot of us take this for granted. We will all be better off if we spent more time understanding each other and the cause of our actions, before we act.


Ian said...

That is a great text and illustration. If we could view the world at atomic level, we would see no separation between anyone or anything.

Charles said...

Thanks Ian! I of course agree with you.

A lot of our problems I believe are founded in the belief that we are simply individuals living alone and separate from each other on this island of life. If we can emphasize the things that bind us and not separate us, maybe we might have a better chance of actually surviving and even thriving on this small planet, simply by using our collective strengths and weaknesses to the best of our abilities.

Like a fabric made out of different textures and colors, patterns and forms, it is the whole, the ensemble that brings out the best in us all.

As someone who is well travelled, I am sure you have seen the importance and results of this philosophy everywhere you have visited.

Gary Heller said...

Great observations and thoughts here. I agree with much of it. It is like the saying " If a tree fell in the woods and no one was there to hear it fall, did it make a sound?" I think thats how it went anyway.
Well, of course it did. No one may have actually heard it but the sound itself may have triggered some actions that will effect someone or something else at sometime. A simple example would be that the tree falling scared off a bear which in turn ran into the campsite of some campers far off and ruined their good day. . . :)

Such as in the universe itself, every action or inaction will have an effect. I think though when considering the effects of action or non action on such a scale as the universe itself it would be hard to consider in terms of positive or negative actions. Positive or negative actions or inactions are really only defined by us in direct relation to our own existence, which may not really be all that "important" to the grand scheme of things. For example, we know that global warming is a bad thing for us, here on our planet. However, it really is neither a "good" thing or a "bad" thing when talking in terms of universe. . .it just is what it is.

So, yes I agree that every thing we do has some sort of ripple effect on the entire scheme of things whether they be "witnessed" or not. It would be wise for us to consider this always for our own sake if for nothing else. However, we probably will never see the cause and effect in any of our lifetimes when considering such a grand scale.

It was a pleasure to read your post.

Maria Jose said...

" We will all be better off if we spent more time understanding each other and the cause of our actions, before we act"

This is really great, I think our life is a powerful instrument that we can use to give love and change everithing around us....

Nice blog !

posd. Thank you for your comments

WolfeWoman said...

Lovely and expansive thoughts. Regarding the unread book... any book has an author or creator, and the act of writing or compiling it will change the creator, even if no one reads it. And then the others who come in contact with that unread author have a slightly different engagement. And so, yes, an unread book has an effect.

Thanks- very engaging!

Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

Incredible thoughts. Thanks.

lisleman said...

So are you suggesting that we are connected by quantum entanglement?

The little I have read about this shows that it's very strange but then quantum physics is strange stuff.

thanks for the good post - it does get people thinking.

BTW the comment by Gary above reminded me that if a tree falls in the forest with no one around, your wife will still blame you.

Charles said...

"Question: So are you suggesting that we are connected by quantum entanglement?"

Good question. An honest answer is simply "I do not know"!

However what quantum entanglement proves to me is that relationships that traverse the void of space and the flow of time, connect sub-atomic particles in ways that defy logic and seem almost magical.

The universe apparently allows information about sub-atomic particles to be transported across huge distances instantaneously (@see http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3811785.stm)

What this tells me is that there might be more that links matter than meets the eye. And since we are essentially made of matter and these same sub-atomic particles, maybe quantum entanglement also allows humans to communicate or inter-relate at sub-atomic levels.

Whatever it is that binds us, my idea is that this relationship between all of nature (including all humans on this planet), is something we should strive to better respect and understand, as it might hold the key to a better understanding of why we are the way we are, what are actions might result in, and how others actions might affect us.

It might also help us better understand the common questions shared by both scientific and spiritual beliefs (e.g. why we exist, what our purpose is, and the meaning of life as a whole) and in so doing maybe we might just be able to evolve to a higher state of understanding of existence.

love said...

I feel like many people don't take a moment and think about their actions or inactions (you guessed it, I'm one of them). I tend to "live for the moment" and do things without thinking of what the outcome may be, like the ripple effect you explained. I mean, I'm growing and learning but the crazy sporadic girl is still in me lol. I'm trying, is this normal?

I really enjoyed this, you make me think outside of the wedding/happy happy box and I love it hehe. ah look at me, I'm always giving you an example of my life lol. Great job Miriam;)

ps: this word verification thing says "uraman" thanks your blog thinks i'm a man =P

LLnL said...

What an incredibly thought provoking post. Since i have started reading blog my mind has been challenged to push thoughts out of the comfort zone and consider the possibly of beliefs different form my own. I agree with the blur between science, philosophy and spirituality. They all seem connected. In that it seems that every action has a cause and effect.

If people took consider the possible impact of each action I think the world would be a better place. Of course we make wrong assumptions and can only consider what we are aware of or familiar with. Still I think that consider others is the beginning of knowledge and empathy.

I'm in awe of your expression and your ablity to touch on so many subjects and still making it a a compelling and entertaining read. Thank you for making me exercise my brain.

Annette Piper said...

I agree with the ripple effect. All the more reason to be helpful and 'pay it forward'!

Liv'nGood Jewelry said...

amazing illustration, and a terrific concept for us all to remember

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