Sunday, May 17, 2009

Interview with Luna Essence

My Guest today is Diana, she is a mom, a jewelry designer, and the owner of Luna Essence.Isn't that a beautiful name for a company? In fact I love it, it inspires me a lot.I find it to be mysterious, simple and her designs are!

Her jewelry designs are simple and elegant and seems to be made to highlight the essence of the woman that will wore them.

I was very happy that she accepted to make this interview with me!

Me: Can you tell me a little bit about you?

Diana:Italic My name is Diana , I am a 50 year old Mother of 4 children, 3 are grown and 1 little girl I am still raising. I am married to the same man that I met when I was 17 years old. We live in the Catskill Mountains in NYS. I have been working as a Real Estate Agent for the past 5 years. I have been an on off stay at home mom for many years. I love the mountains. We live in a wooded area surrounded by nature that inspires me everyday.

Me: How did you become a jewelry designer?

Diana: Fashion has always interested me. Design and color relax me. I am the happiest when I am creating. In 2008 I started to make jewelry. It just seemed like the right thing for me to do. I am self taught.

Me: Where do you get your inspiration?

Diana: Everywhere! I will dream about it or see something somewhere in nature or a building or pattern and then interpret it my way. There are no rules so that freedom just takes on a pace of its own.

Me: What are your goals?

Diana: Right now I just want to continue to make people feel enlightened when they wear a piece I make. This is not just what I gain from the creating but from what others gain from owning it. Stones , pearls, crystals are very conductive in aiding us in healing and opening new areas of our inner selves.

Me: Do you believe in your lucky star?

Diana: A lucky star tell me more lol. I love astrology and tarot have been doing reading for years. So I believe that there are many stars affecting us daily.

Me: Do you have periods of doubts?

Diana: We all have moments of doubts. With pain comes growth, it can be difficult sometimes.

Me: How do you deal with those periods of doubts?

Diana: Many times I can feel blocked so it is time for me to seek out new areas of design or set aside the work that is giving me doubt and come back to it later. I will go very deep inside myself before I surface again.

Me: What method do you use to find back your energy?

Diana: I love to garden this always helps or visit people and go different places. I like to meditate. Sometimes I just need to rest.

Me: Is it effective?

Diana: yes very effective?
Me: What is your motto in life?

Diana: May you shine your light wherever you are! Live in the moment and be happy!

Thank you Diana!


Gary Heller said...

Beautiful works, and lovely person.

Kathleen said...

Thank you for sharing the work of Luna Essence (yes, a lovely name!) keep thinking I really should learn to do wire wrapping. There's something powerful about the ability to take a hard substance like silver and make it so supple and graceful.

Christie Cottage said...

Absolutely gorgeous pieces! Beauty inspired work! I love her shop!

Mary Anne Gruen said...

Because your blog is so beautiful, I've named you for the "One Lovely Blog Award" on my blog at

Being and Quirkiness said...

Nice, I just got an orgonite pendant which has the shape of the first (orange) one. :)

Zvonko said...

beautiful and very valuable work, while watching them remain breathless

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