Saturday, June 20, 2009

My friend the squirrel

When I came to the US, I was very surprised to see so many squirrels living without fear among humans. In France, you have to go in the mountains or in the forest to have the chance to see one!
Looking at the squirrels on the trees by my windows is one of my favorite things.

One day of winter, garbage pickup day, early in the morning, I was living the house to take the kids to their school, when I saw a squirrel quickly coming out of the garbage with something in his mouth. I was surprised, and sad. For me, such a beautiful animal shouldn’t have to be seeking for food in the garbage.
As soon as I came back, I decided to put 3 cookies at my door for it to eat.
And it ate them. I saw it. It took it time to carry those cookies that were in fact very big for its small mouth, but it did!
Then I forgot about this story.

When spring finally came, I decided to plant some tulips in a pot at my front door.
I was very happy since the winter had been very long this year, and I was impatiently waiting for my tulips to open up
One day, I found out that one of my tulips had been dug up.
I first thought it was a cat. But this happened every day for 3 days, until I saw the squirrel running with one of my bulbs in his mouth.
I love the little squirrel, but I was very angry because I love tulips too!

I decided in place of tulips to plant impatiens flowers this time, because they have no bulbs.
At my surprise, the next day, I found that my impatiens flowers where dug too.
This time I had to stop and think. Why did the squirrels continue to dig my plants while my neighbors’ flowers where still intact.

Then I remembered the 3 cookies. I placed the plants in the same place I place the cookies before.
And probably, by instinct, the squirrels where looking for food where they used to find food before.

Could I be mad at the squirrel for that?
Don’t we human have the same kind of comportment?
When we look for love, money, jobs, etc…, don’t we by instinct look in the same places we used to find them before? These places, where invisible hands placed them for us!
Don’t we function after certain schemes?
It often takes us some failures to decide that our schemes do not function anymore, and that we have to change.

Today, I am in peace with my little squirrel, and I thank him for this beautiful lesson.


Nothing Profound said...

I'm a total squirrel nut. Sometimes I think I want to be one. They're so much fun to watch. Everything they do delights me. Amazing acrobats-leaping from tree to tree, racing along telephone wires. They seem built just to have fun.

matthew houskeeper said...

I used to have a bird feeder outside the window, but the squirrels would always attack it, and spill all the seed.

Danangib said...

We all use to go back where we found something we liked in our life, even that place is now only in our memories.

Being and Quirkiness said...

I loved seeing squirrels scurrying around the house. Seeing a racoon was a bit more of a surprise :)

Yan Tan said...

Hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting...we love it : )



Yan Tan said...

thanks hunn for stopping by!! thank you for the comment : )
make sure you keep in touch !!


LDWatkins said...

They can be pesky but fun to watch! Very insightful.

Maria Jose said...

Thank you for your comments !!!

Printemps said...

I love this much this little thing, I love teaches us about life.

Thank you Angel's Hair, I too have several pictures with my squirrel friends, i will share someday. They are lovely, it is hard to find them in Paris, but when i use to visit Fontainebleau, I use find them thay are lovely creatures...

Have a Nice Day!

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