Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Completing a project

I have been working on my new website project for almost one year now, and I hoped to launch it for the 1st of October,…..but nothing is ready!
It seems like there is always something missing!!!! This is so frustrating. I think I would have needed a coach this time:-))!
It is sometimes so discouraging! And all the questions that comes along: Is this worth it? Why am I doing this? Etc…

I really don’t know if it is worth it in terms of business, but in terms of personal achievement, OHHH YES IT DOES!!!! And luckily, I can sometimes remember why I am doing this….
I do it because I love it!
So, I will continue working on it until it is ready!


Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

You are so intriguing. Did I spell that right? I just launched my site even though it still isn't ready! I need to figure out the shopping cart or paypal cart or something to get my eco, organic, tanks, bibs and onesies with our super cool logo on them. i have priorities called family so that maked it hard. Good luck.

angelshair said...

Oh yes, I absolutely understand what you are saying^_^!! Good luck!
I need to visit your website...I don't know if it is the one with organic body care products or a new one, I will have a look right now!

Danangib said...

Hope you will finish it soon. I know can be frustrating, but it's part of the process of learning and ending up to accomplis what you want. Good luck Mariam.

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