Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fight Women!...For your rights!

I want to talk today about a subject that touched me very much: Discrimination.It touched me not only because I am black, but because I am a woman.

I think that many women will recognize themselves in this story. A story of a woman very close to me, about something that happened to her recently.

She works in a service with another woman and a man. Lately, she had to stop working to take care of her son that was ill and suspected to have swine flu. Fortunately that wasn't the case, it was just common flu. Her female co-worker is actually pregnant, and has been hospitalized for complications.Both three have the same job level, but my friend has been working there for a longer time and has the most experience in the office.
When she recently returned to work, her boss told her that they had decided that her male colleague will have a promotion and will in fact become her superior.

Of course she feels sad upset and humiliated!
We could say that this is just a coincidence, but I believe that it is not. She told me that at the beginning, when they had staff meetings,their boss only addressed her male coworker as if he was the only person in the room.
So many woman have to live this kind of humiliation, yet they continue silently everyday, simply because they make the choice to have children and do what they can to survive.I am sorry for my male readers, and I hope you will understand what I am saying, because we women need your support for this fight.
Women do not make children alone, and women need to be recognized in their work place!

Women need to know that with the same qualifications, they can expect the same job level of compensation, recognition and respect, as their male colleagues.
Women need to know that with same job level as a man they can expect a same salary. So my sisters, please continue fighting for your rights and do not let anybody tell you what you can expect from life!


Gary Heller said...

Good post and well said. The only thing that should be considered when looking to advance an employee in the work place is character, performance and skills. Qualifications alone, not physical appearance, race, gender or religion.
I hope your friend gets some poetic justice.

angelshair said...

Thank you Gary! Yes, I hope too ^_^!

Danangib said...

Good post Mariam. I come from a country where men make the rules, so I know what you talking about. Seems to be a world "disease" and women should fight for they rights.
I love your recent artwork, is beautiful !

ChrisJ said...

It always seems to be 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

Sorcerer said...

good post..and you made your point clear.
nice work of art, you have on your blog.
lookin forward for more!

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