Monday, November 16, 2009

Reality and dimensions of a reality.

I spend a lot of times on forums discussing different ideas. Most of these discussions are interesting and I learned a lot of things.
The reason why I wanted to write this post is to share an idea I came up with. I believe that behind each reality, there are an infinite numbers of dimensions.
For example, take a simple stone. Most of you will say the stone exist, because we can see it, because we can touch it, because we can feel it, etc…
Ask a scientist, a poet, a theologist or a philosopher to define that stone, and you will have different definitions. These definitions will be as different as there are individuals. These definitions are what I call here the different dimensions of a reality.

This becomes more complicate when we talk about the dimensions behind some words. However the words are real, they tell impalpable, intangible or transcendental concepts and ideas.
Whatever is your belief,( is it god that created men or is it men that created God), the word God is a reality, as well as the word soul, dream, love hate, etc…
It becomes interesting to see the different dimensions behind these words.
If you ask the scientist the philosopher the poet, the theologist to define these words, you will have some very different, sometimes antithetical definitions, yet these words exist.

When it comes to a personal growth matter which is the main subject of this blog; I would say that behind the reality of my existence, I am a multidimensional being.
Some of the dimensions might please me, and some others might not, but I am (understand here I exist). It is up to me to know my essence and define my own dimension of the reality “I” so as not to been lost in all theses dimensions, and not to confuse and restrain the reality "I" with one of its dimensions.
What I mean by essence is well explained by Harvey Avatar as "truth" in his blog being and quirkiness.
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