Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Interview with Artangel

I am so pleased that my fellow angel, Artangel has accepted to have an interview with me!
I felt in love with her work when I saw her paintings for the first time, one year ago on facebook, where she has her fan page.
Yes, this is one of the positive things I discovered with social networking site, you may encounter great people and great talents :)
She also has a successful shop on Etsy, and a lovely blog.

It is hard to explain( due to my poor vocabulary), but her paintings fills me with serenity.
the luminous colors, the elaborated simplicity in the designs and compositions create artworks that are harmonious, and visually powerful!

The interview:

Me: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
Artangel: I’m Angie. I live in Manchester, England, with my partner and our son. I work three days a week in Occupational Health, and the rest of the time I devote to my art (and the odd bit of shopping!)

Me: How did you come to painting?
Artangel: I think I was just born with a painting gene! I have always drawn and painted, for as long as I can remember.
Me: Where do you find your inspiration?
Artangel: Nature, colour, texture, and I love working with re-cycled bits and pieces. I'm fascinated by collections, and things that already have a "history"; I love making something new with them.

Me: What are your goals?
Artangel: Just to continue making art and developing my work, and hopefully to be able to carry on sharing it with other people.

Me: Do you believe in your lucky star?
Artangel: To a great extent I believe that we make our own luck; having said that, there have certainly been times when I’ve felt that the hand of fate was guiding me


Me: Do you have periods of doubts?
Artangel: Yes of course! I think everyone does. In a way I don’t mind periods of doubt - they at least prove that I’m still thinking!
Me: Howdo you deal with those periods of doubts?
Artangel: I find the old words of wisdom helpful - make small decisions with your head, but big decisions with your heart. Often it’s about giving myself enough quiet time and space to be able to hear that inner voice which usually knew the answer all along!
Me: What method do you use to find back your energy?
Artangel: Time alone, and surrounding myself with beautiful things, either in nature or in a gallery.

Me: Is it effective?
Artangel:Usually - I think that just being around nature or art helps to restore my soul!
Me: What is your motto in life?
Artangel: This quote from Ashley Smith sums it up - “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

Thank you Angie!


Sarah Knight said...

wonderful interview : )

artangel said...

Mariam thank you so much - I'm so flattered at your kind words and that you chose me to feature :)

I loved answering your questions, they were really interesting and thought-provoking!

angelshair said...

@Sarah: Thank you :)!
@Artangel: I am so glad you agreed to make make this interview!! Thank you:)!

Anna Carter said...

Lovely article about a fantastic Etsian :)

Shane at Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty,LLC said...

I really love interviews on blogs as it introduces me to so many people I would otherwise never have met. This one was great!

Danangib said...

Really beautiful paintings, I loved them. Thank you for sharing.

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