Monday, March 29, 2010


This week end, I have decided to stay far from my computer, and it was for the best!
I don't know if this happens to you, but my computer sometimes hypnotizes me, and makes me forget that others form of artistic expressions exist :).
I have to say that I had a great motivation. The magnolia at my house was in flower, and I was waiting for this moment all winter long. So I looked for my paint and brushes, and made some drafts. Some in watercolor, and some in acrylic. At the end, I think I prefer the ones in acrylic, but your opinions are welcome. I might use them for a fabric design, But I haven't really decided yet.

Acrylic paint drafts


Watercolor drafts


Danangib said...

Both are beautiful,hard to decide. Maybe for a fabric the acrylic ones will be nicer.

angelshair said...

Thank you Dana. Yes I feel like you that they would be visually stronger.

Fatima Da aka Fatibony said...

Lovely pics Angel …will love to take a break from my computer too , but there are everywhere and then we have got those mobiles…... so now with discipline I take the odd 2 good days off a week to embrace other things fully ...

ChrisJ said...

It's so interesting how perspective dictates. Since my hip surgery, I have had no interest whatsoever in the computer (and I thought I would be back blogging in a week, and it's now seven weeks!). I' feel fine and am recovering well, but... Soon, I think.

I also like the acrylic ones for the colour. The acrylic seems to make the colour more intense.

You are really, really talented.

angelshair said...

@Fatima: :)) Yes, I forgot about those mobiles LOL

@ Chris: I am so happy to hear from you Chris, and happy to know that you feel better!!
I miss reading new posts on your blog.
But I now this break is important for you, and I know you will come back with lot of inspiring and interesting thoughts. I can't wait!!!

artangel said...

I have exactly the same issue with the computer hypnotising me lol!

These are all such beautiful flower studies, which I agree would make a lovely spring fabric design too! I adore magnolia :)

womanofwisdom said...

I was also thinking how being on the computer was sapping my real creativity. I love your designs. You have inspired me to paint.

Mario Salazar Lafosse said...

I like flowers, i think the flowers keep the essence of the beauty, they are really amazing for the view of the eyes, i like your magnolias, nice pink, soft green, i would accompany the flowers with a special place or a background that enhance the view of the flowers. Keep doing what you like. Good luck and happiness. A friendly hug.


Ruby Clover said...

love the acrylics :)

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