Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some inspirational aphorism

Do you remember the day I posted about my friend the squirrel. Do you remember that I was upset with him and how he dug up my plants. Well, I owe him an excuse!!!
He left me a gift in exchange: a link to a great blog full of inspirational words that I have been following until this day.
"Out of Context: Pieces of life" is an aphorism blog wrote by Marty Rubin aka "Nothing Profound".

His writing is like a symphony, and always have the perfect note that resonate in my mind, opening doors for my soul.
These aphorism are really good food for the soul,....not fast food, but the kind of food you take your time to eat and appreciate, and that you remember years after.

I thought that when you discover something great, you can't keep it for yourself! So until the day these aphorism will be compiled in a book that I can easily offer as a gift, I am sharing with you the link to the blog where you can read them.
Below are some of my favorite ones.
What are yours?


Danangib said...

Very interesting, thank you for sharing. I liked: "A man went in search of one perfect moment. The price he had to pay was the rest of his life."

angelshair said...

:) Yes, I love it too!!!

Fatima Da aka Fatibony said...

Awesome post and I love your collected inspirational aphorism..

Thanks for visiting

One Love
Self help Motivation

angelshair said...

Thank you Fatima, and many thanks to Marty for that.

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