Friday, March 26, 2010

Timide sun

You know spring is here when the days are getting longer. The sun shines timidly, but the temperature is still low. Mother nature is preparing for it's big show! You can have a taste of what will soon come: an explosion of colors and perfumes. I love this floating time between winter and spring, it is full of promises.
You know I am a visual person. This is why I have decided to share my mood with you in color, and share the work of some of my fellow artists and designers who I feel have perfectly seize the moment.

"Chalcedony flowers"
Earrings by FUSS Jewelry


Painting by Nancymdesmond


"Organic Soul"
Ceramic by One Clay Bead

"Feathery Plumes"
Watercolor Painting by Gollybard

Happy week end!


holly aka golly said...

What lovely spring inspired finds! Thank you for including my painting among them! Have a great weekend!

WolfeWoman said...

Oh, these are all breathtakingly beautiful! I am also responding to the chance of the seasons this year more intensely. Perhaps because winter was so harsh and long, spring feels so light and full of promise. Thanks for including my dinnerware.

Danangib said...

Amazing work, all are exquisite beautiful!

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