Friday, April 2, 2010

Art Licensing informations

As I told you in a past post, I have decided to license my work by myself.
For the past 2 years, I have been working on a "work for hire" basis with a manhattan based company.
While this helped me having a better understanding of surface pattern design, I think I now am ready to take the next step which is more favorable to an artist: Licensing my work.

I have been conducting researches, and here are the most informative blogs, websites and books I have found. I can tell you that they are really helpful for those who, like me, want to start licensing their work, either by themselves or with the help of an agent.

~Kate Harper's Blog: The most useful tips for those who wish to license to the greeting card industry. Kate had created her own greeting card company, until the day she found out that licensing was much less trouble. If you are interested in this field, her blog needs to be read from the beginning to the end.

~ Joan Beiriger's blog: Joan is an artist who licenses her artwork to so many different industries. From the gift industry to the fabric industry...and much more. If you want to know how to prepare your artwork, how to present it, who to present it to, how to find an agent, this is the blog to read!

~"Licensing Art 101" by Michael Woodward: If you must have only one book, this is THE book to have about art licensing. All the legal informations about art licensing, and much more. If you are beginning, it can be very helpful to have a teacher. I have chosen Michael woodward to be my teacher because I value his experience. You can visit his website here.

Good luck!


Sarah Knight said...

very informative : )

Danangib said...

Very interesting and helpful information, thank you for sharing, Mariam.

nothingprofound said...

How wonderful that the magnolias are already in bloom! Things aren't so advanced here yet. This morning I noticed the first buds appearing on the maple trees. Soon as the poet says, Spring will explode.

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