Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My studio was featured!

Angel's hair studio was featured in this lovely blog: "Where people create".

Ann the owner of http://www.amg-arts.com, is also the creator of this lovely blog where she features artists and their workspace.
I find this idea really fun and interesting. On her blog you can view the different workspaces of many artists, who also answers her interview questions This gives you a better understanding of the personality of the artists.
As I said before, Ann is the owner of Amg-arts, and you can view her etsy store at www.torann.etsy.com, and her website here. And of course, if you want to be aware of new listing and changes on her website, you can subscribe to her facebook page here.

Below are some of her collage that I really Enjoy!

The Butterfly catcher by Amg-arts

The shore by Amg-arts

Bored and Fed up by Amg-arts

   Gone at 32 by Amg-arts                                                      
Thank you Ann!!


Sarah Knight said...

That looks wonderful : )

Ian said...

Yes, they are good.

Amg-Arts said...

Awh Thank you! Your very good for giving me a write up there was no need, I love doing the studio features I do be happy that people take the time and effort to to send in the photos and answer my feature questions. :)

ChrisJ said...

Well done!

GreenWorks said...

Ann's collages are wonderful and thought provoking.

I saw your workspace on her blog and thought it looked like a lovely room to be able to create in.

Danangib said...

Lovely collages.

Ian said...

Thank you. I always love the beauty of your posts too.

nothingprofound said...

Mariam-congratulations! I'll visit her site the moment I stop typing this. I like her work.

Ruby Clover said...

I adore that dark woodwork in your house!!! We have mahogany floors and always felt like I needed white trim to brighten the space up, but you manage to have a really bright place even with all the dark wood. I LOVE it...and love that window seat too!

joven said...

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