Monday, June 7, 2010


This picture is made by me and totally free of right. It was inspired By Picasso's Dove.

The world will always be the world, and there will always be some people to think that it can be a better place.


Sarah Knight said...

Indeed : )

ChrisJ said...

Thank goodness for those who think the world can be better.

What media did you use in the image? It's really lovely.

angelshair said...

@ Sarah Thank you :)
@ ChrisJ Thank you! It is hand drawing, and then digital painting.

Dyeve said...

Your painting is gorgeus.It inspire peace and beauty to me.

Well done, my dear! Love it! Don't be lazy...:P ...and continue your work.♥

Have a spledid Day!


angelshair said...

Thank you Dyeve!!! <3

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