Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beautiful New England!

I spent last week visiting the coast of New England, and this was such a delightful trip!
I enjoyed it so much that I was thinking of moving there :).

Misquamicut ( Rhodes Island)

Cape Cod ( Massachussetts )

Wild roses all along the beaches


Ian said...

That reminds me of the poetry of Robert Frost and this Kirsty MacColl song:

angelshair said...

I didn't know this song, but it's beautiful!

Dyeve said...

Wow ~ beautiful pictures. I don't know what stops you moving? smiles

Sun and water is all I need ..but this is only me.

Have a cool day!♥


♪. ♫♥♪.♫♥♪. ♫♥♪.♫♥

Sophia Lee said...

Beautiful pictures! I love Cape Cod!

angelshair said...

@ Dyeve, the thing that stopped me from moving is that winter is starting soon, and the winter on the coast is even more cold than where I live :)

@Sophia Lee, thank you!

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