Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Introducing new collection!

My new collection is finally ready!!! I thought I would never see the end of this project.

As for the past collection, it is composed of 3 lines inspired by 3 places precious to me Timbuktu (Mali), Montmartre (Paris), Brooklyn (New York).

Today I launched the cushions online at my etsy store, and I hope to finish launching the rest of the collection in the next few days.
So today I am presenting you my pillow collection.

Thank you for viewing!!!


Mr_Toad said...

I very much admire the way you have created objects which are all in different colours and patterns but yet remain true to the overall theme.

I can almost see the West African mountains at the corners of your Timbuktu pillows. Then I googled a little ...

The place name is said to come from a Tuareg woman named Buktu who dug a well in the area where the city stands today; hence “Timbuktu”, which means “Buktu’s well” (http://www.mysteriousafrica.com/page/2/).

The Sankore mosque (which I believe is shown in you post) is believed to be "the the world’s largest mud structure". More photos at:

Lovely designs, stunning presented. You are truly gifted.

angelshair said...

Thank you for this comment! I feel very touched by all these nice words about my work.
Yes Sankore Mosque is the world largest structure and is really impressive and beautiful.
I had forgot about the story behind the name Timbuktu, thank you for telling me!!! I love it!

Danangib said...

The new collection is lovely and the presentation is charming, well done Mariam !!! I absolutely love it !!

angelshair said...

Thank you so much Dana!!!

Stephanie said...

eee I love the paris ones the best!!!!!

angelshair said...

Thank you Stephanie :)

Additionsstyle said...

Your work is beautiful and you new collections are wonderful. I am sure they will be big sellers.

angelshair said...

Thank you addition style!!! I visited your blog, it's lovely!!

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