Wednesday, November 30, 2011

These two collections are dedicated to my grandmothers.

Just to tell them how much I love them :)...

They are not here anymore, but I am sure they would love it.
Anyway, they are still alive, very strong in my heart!

This collection "Mandeka" Is dedicated to my Mandeka's grandmas.

My grand parents place is such a place of comfort and love for me. I felt like a princess with them!

Mandeka means people from the Mande (Mande is an ancient culture located in west Africa)

This collection is made of true indigo fabric, and hand dyed batik fabric which is a specialty of the women of my tribe.
Indigo is usually used in marriage ceremonies, and indigo as well as other type of fabrics and jewelry and gold would be given to the bride as a "trousseau".

This collection "Granny" is dedicated to my french grandma.

She was such a sweet woman, and would always make handmade dolls for us, and send us sweet candies. She had one of the most beautiful garden I have ever seen!
She had a lovely house which she took good care of.

The type of hand embroidered linen hemp cloth or metis ( half linen half cotton ) fabrics that I used for this collection was usually given to them the day they married, and they would give them to their daughters as a "trousseau" when it is their turn to marry.

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