Monday, December 5, 2011

Food for thoughts

Less than one year after Fukushima nuclear disaster, Greenpeace in one of their daring operations of which only they know how to pull of, has exposed a fragility in the french nuclear system.

Digital artwork by Mariam Martinet

After Fukushima, the french government has told its citizens that it has the most secure nuclear system, and that no catastrophe could happen to its nuclear reactors.
Fortunately for the said government, it is environmental activists that penetrated several of the french nuclear installation to its core.
Just as a reminder, France is the second nuclear country in the world after japan with 58 nuclear reactors, and depending for almost 80% of nuclear energy.
So now what?
Is it still so secure, or will the french government try to find other alternatives to its energy needs?
I haven't even begun to talk of Nuclear waste...... 

Greenpeace, I love you!!!!

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