Saturday, April 13, 2013

Please sign my petition.

I created this petition on Aavaz website that I plan to send to the french government when I have enough signatures. Please click here to view the petition.

I have been so saddened, but also angered to read that there are dozens of native american masks that are being sold at an auction sales in Paris. Despite the fact that a Native american group took a lawyer to try to stop the auction, the french judge decided in favor of the seller, and authorized the auction.
As a result, these masks which are religious and sacred artifacts for the native american tribes will be sold to art collectors.
You can read about the whole story here.
What really angers me is that after centuries of of abuse, Native americans are being victims of yet another mistreatment, because these masks where not bought from them, they were stolen from them.

If the french justice has decided to authorize the sale, it is probably because they do not want to create a precedent. Museums and private galleries around the world are full of religious and sacred artifacts.

This is why I am making this petition. I want to create a precedent. Native americans, Indigenous Africans and Native Australians have been dispossessed  from their sacred artifacts which are at the heart of their culture, of their identities. These artifacts are in museums and private collections while the people they have been stolen from are battling to survive. Cut of the roots of a tree, and see what happens to the tree.
As to illustrate what I am trying to explain, please watch this report about Native Australians teens'  suicide.

101 East - Australia's Lost Generation by aljazeeraenglish

The world, the developed countries, have the duty to fix what they have done to indigenous people around the world. And giving back what have been stolen is part of it. Some things can't be restored, but some can, and so the things that can be restored must be restored.
Please sign my petition here:

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