Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Artichoke is One of my favorite vegetables to eat which in fact is not a vegetable but a flower bud. It comes from the mediterranean peninsula and is a winter time edible.

This flower bud is full of good stuff for your health...and mine :).
It contains a large quantity of antioxidant which are good for the immune system, and for preventing cardiovascular disease and for cancer prevention. It is very low in calories and fat ( around 47 calories for 100g) , and that makes it a good addition to any low calorie diet.
It also helps lower the blood cholesterol, helps the digestive system and detoxify the liver. This is due to the cynarin it contains.

Artichoke flower bud

My favorite way to eat artichoke is to steam it and eat it with balsamic dressing. You take of the leaves and dip them in your vinegar dressing or any of your favorite sauce, and scrap off the fleshy base with your teeth until you get near to the heart. There is then a "hairy" part that is not edible and that you need to remove before getting to the heart. The heart is the reward of the warrior ;) ....soooo delightful!!!
But there are so many other ways to eat artichoke, from pizza to paella. Just google it and you will find a lot of great recipes to enjoy.
If you want to have the best of the artichoke health benefits, like lowering the blood cholesterol or detoxifying the liver, you can use the artichoke bud leaves that you can boil in water. Once boiled, you will remove the leaves and drink the water, or add it to any of your culinary preparation.

Artichoke flower in bloom

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