Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Carrot is one of the most consumed vegetable in the world. The wild variety from which the now bred carrot derived is believed to be native to Persia.

The beautiful orange color of the carrot added to its sweet taste makes it a good introductory vegetable to children's meal, which is great since this vegetable is full of health benefits.

The carrot root is rich in fiber making it a great help for the digestive system, it is extra rich in vitamin A which support the bone system as well as the vision. Note that although carrot is thought to restore your vision, it will not unless your vision malfunction is due to a vitamin A deficiency. But, if you do have a vitamin A deficiency, then carrot is one of the greatest source of vitamin A.

Carrot is rich in Biotin....ladies, think hair, nail and skin ;)

Carrot is also rich in antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C. These help cell growth, help prevent cells damage, and help protect your system against cardio vascular disease.

Some studies conducted in the Netherland over ten years, have found that the increase of the consomption of carrot on a weekly basis could decrease the risk of cardio vascular disease by up to 32%. See details here.
Some other studies have found that smokers who consumed carrot at least once a week decreased their chance of developing a lung cancer by three compared to those who did not eat carrot. See details here.
Carrot has also proven to play a preventive role for colon and prostate cancer, and carrot juice extract was proven to inhibit cell progression in leukemia. See details here.

Although the root is the most consumed part of the carrot, the leaves are also consumed in some parts of the world.
The carrot soup is yummy, healthy, and so nature friendly since no part of the plant is lost.

It's easy to make, all you need is your carrot leaves, an onion, a potato, salt and pepper to add to taste.  Put everything in your cooking pot with water. once everything is cooked, put in the mixer and mix to taste. You can then if you want to, add some butter or sour cream, and tada!!.

Carrot leaves can also be used as a remedy for mouth ulcer. The carrot leaves are boiled for ten minutes in water. Once cooled down, this decoction is used as a mouth rinse until the mouth is healed.

All this chit-chat made me hungry... I am going to make myself a carrot salad :)

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