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Onion is a vegetable from the allium family that has been bred for more than 7 000 years. This might be the reason why today, there is no known wild onion found in nature.
There are many varieties of onion, yellow onion, red onion, white onion, and the green onion also called scallion or spring onion which is an onion that is harvested before having fully developed its bulb and roots.
It is usually the bulb of the plant that is consumed, except for green onions which leaves are used for food consumption.
Onion is used as a culinary base ingredient all over the world. It is also used as the main ingredient in some dishes such as the onion soup.
Peeling and cutting an onion can be eye irritating, but this can be avoided by peeling and cutting it into a basin of water


Onion is rich in biotin, manganese, cooper and B6 vitamin and one of the richest vegetables (but not the richest) in flavonoids (phytonutrient).
Studies have found that flavonoids may help improve the anti-inflamatory system.
In cancer clinical studies, Flavonoids were proved to reduce the risk of gastric carcinoma in women, and the risk of aerodigestive tract cancer for smokers.
It is in cardiovascular disease prevention that flavonoid has the most health effect.
It inhibits blood coagulation and the formation of platelet aggregation. It reduces risks of atherosclerosis, arterial blood pressure and risks of hypertension. It modifies vascular inflammatory mechanism and blood lipid level.
Flavonoids also improves capillary system, and affects the aging mechanism and has antibacterial virtues.

One of the virtues of onion that is not well known is its healing power in holistic medicine for ear infection. I have personally tried it several time on myself, and it worked 100% of the time. This does not mean it will work 100% of the time for you, but you might want to try it next time you have an ear infection and don't want to go through antibiotic treatment which are not very good at healing ear infections.
To use the onion as a remedy, you have to chop a piece of onion, steam it or heat it for a few minutes. put it in a gauze, and once it has come to a temperature that your body can support ( the ear is a very sensitive area), put the gauze packed with warm chopped onions on your ear and hold it with a headband or an old scarf. Leave it on your ear for the night if it is night time, or as long as you can if it is daytime. repeat as needed. The warmth of the onion will ease the pain, while the vapor from the onion will penetrate inside your ear cavity, healing it. Don't ask me how it works.... it just does :)
You might stink after this treatment, but you will feel much better. Anyone who is subject to ear infection knows the pain....

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