Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our ancestors the apes.

Chauvet cave painting (France)

My post about my son's artwork and his drawing of a mammoth in a prehistorical style made me think about prehistorical art, and of course about prehistorical artists.
We know so little about the prehistorical era, what we know comes only from our deduction about the pieces of bones and artefacts that we find in the ground or in caves.
When these deductions go in the way of the actual scientific development and knowledge, everything is fine. But when the clues and deductions seems to go in a different way, we prefer to escape the subject in order to keep our actual convictions strong.
I am actually wondering how with the discovery of the Chauvet caves in the south of France( the oldest ever discovered cave at this time), it was discovered in 1994, no scientist came out to question the actual evolution theory.
I am not a scientist, but with no reel honesty can you keep on defending this theory at the viewing of the drawings in this cave.

Chauvet cave painting (France)

As you can see in the pictures, these drawings are so evolved, but we, humanity, had supposedly to work on our skills thousands of years to obtain such a strong two dimensional representation ability.
These drawings show us three things:
- Our ancestors were skilled artists, the kind of skills that you can acquire today after a few years of art school.
-Our ancestors had deep anatomical knowledge, just look at the proportions and joint articulations placement.
-Our ancestors had good abstraction skills and the ability to represent a 3D object into a 2D plan.

In regard to these conclusions, and seen the strength of the drawings, they are almost alive, we cannot but question ourselves with honesty, how less evolved than us were our ancestors? How ape like were they?

Chauvet cave painting (France)

Do you think science will start rethinking its evolutionary theory? Of course not. Science knows everything unless otherwise proven. Science knows that our ancestors were ape evolved creatures the same way science knew a few years ago that life couldn't exist without oxygen until it was proven wrong. What a strange way to keep humans under its control. The same way of working that it reproches to its old enemy, religion.

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