Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dwelling place of my eternity

"Desert"  Reflexion 16- Watercolor by Mariam Martinet aka Angel's Hair
© 2015 all rights reserved
The sun of my life is high in the sky that day,
Love of all things is I that day.
Eyes of I contemplates the infinity of I.
The love of my life is I in I in this day of light and shadow.
The infinity has become so small in regards of my eternity.
Light of the beloved has shown me the way toward my eternity.
Cynicism has lost its grip on my reality,
Light is my life that day,
Caring for I as I care for light.
I let go of the not so desirable,
and I keep love as my master and light as its command
For love is the master of my soul
And the dwelling place of my eternity.

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