Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Love of all things.

The love of my life is I in this day.
Father of my life and mother of my life are I and I in this day.
The love of all things is I in I in this day of love and content.
Love is the master of my soul, and light its command.
In love I rest in the infinite instant of this day.
Wholeness and emptiness has taken over me,
Life is its creation and light its command through peace and I.
Since I am the mother of my soul and the father of my soul,
I am I and I in this day.
Love is my wholeness and my emptiness,
Light its command of I and I.
Divine through human is my light,
shining its shine,
Dancing its danse of wholeness and emptiness.
Inspiration, expiration,
and in between,
I and I
Wholeness, emptiness,
and in between,
master of my soul with light as its command,
Greatness of I in I.
Time of I, is no time and all time.
In the infinite of the circle,
Eternity of I.
Love is the master of my soul, and light its command,
In love I rest in I in love and I.

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