Sunday, December 6, 2015


"Desert"  Reflexion 10- Watercolor by Mariam Martinet aka Angel's Hair
© 2015 all rights reserved

Love of my life is I and I in this day.
The sun is setting on the desert of my life
Trouble and sorrow are washed away by darkness and despair.
The colors are melting,
The edges are loosing their grip on reality.
The love of my life holds me into its arms of light,
giving me an attach to the reality of I and I this day.
The love of my life is holding me into its arms of light,
The sorrow becomes bearable,
The trouble melts away,
and darkness and despair are just an illusion of I and I
since love is the master of my soul and light its command.
In love I rest this day and everyday of my life.

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