Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time of my life

"Desert"  Reflexion 11- Watercolor by Mariam Martinet aka Angel's Hair
© 2015 all rights reserved

The time of my life, in the desert of my life.
Love is everything.
Touch, light, I and I.
Desire of I in this day.
The time of my life is I and I in this day.
Inspiration, expiration,
I in I is my life this day.
Melting point of I through time of my life.
Love of my life is I in I this day.
Fusion death and resurrection of I
in the infinite of I for the eternity of I and I.
The beloved has gifted me with I and I this day.
In love I rest this day and everyday of my life
for love is the master of my soul, and light its command.

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