Saturday, October 31, 2015

Love is the master

When love is the master,
life is the teaching, and infinity the reward.
Two as one, for one is the beginning and the end.
Feelings flowing like a river,
abandon, growth, immersion.
The ineffable.
Where is my body when you are here?
 Soul, surrender, love,
It's in love, for love is the master.

"La main de Dieu" (The hand of God) - Auguste Rodin

Friday, October 30, 2015


When we are left without words, we have music, we have rythme.
Your hand on my heart, feel the rythme. ta, ta, ta, ta, heartbeat.
Feel my heart in your heart. ta, ta, ta, ta, echo of the heartbeat.
But where is the heart and where is the echo?
We are in utopia....

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Life, music and love...

Life to it's simplest expression: music and love.
Heart and rythme, or the heart and it's rythme.
As I say it, I live life at its fullest because I live in love.
With love....

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Etsy shop reopening

I have been off for a while. For those who are wondering what was going on, the truth is that I was meditating. The day I realized I was about to change into a Dalai Lama, I realized that it was time to come back to real life matter :) ......
Not a bad explanation, right?
Ok, let's be serious, I have been fighting some serious demons, and I was about to loose, and then, suddenly the force awoken and I won!!! Tada!!
Ok, the CIA version is that I was just working on my website, and I am soo slow, it is still not done yet, so I had to reopen my etsy shop in order to keep my cover :)
So here it is!!! Bold and beautiful!!! :D

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