Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last post in blogger

UPDATE: I have been banned from twitter, Facebook, linkedin and pinterest for "antisémitisme" probably that their jewish sensibility have been hurt by mean me. So I have set up an "en attendant..." blog:

or follow me on Insuu ( before I get banned of course :)

This is my last post in this blog.
It has been nice posting from time to time here, and I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and memories.
Since the time has changed and war has tightens its grip on my reality, I have decided that it was time for me to move on with other projects.
I will open soon another blog, self hosted this time, to avoid being the instrument of any manipulation of any kind, and I wish you all bloggers of good faith the same thing.
I have decided to take this step as I have discovered that some malicious codes where put on my post html, maybe to track the people who would click on certain links. I have noticed this in particular for the post " an exemple of perception manipulation", which is really interesting.....maybe am I not so wrong after all indeed.
So I wish all my friends the best, and hope to see you on my next blog when it is set up. For those who know social medias a little bit, when my new blog is set, it will be published on both my angelshair twitter account and my brand new personal twitter account ( and probably on some other social media places) as a confirmation that it is really me who is posting.....these days, you never know.
To finish on a positive note, my wish for my ennemies, is a path very far from mine, this way, everyone will get a chance to live an enjoyable life!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Faces of Africa

Drawing by Mariam Martinet aka angel's hair. Copyright © 2016 all rights reserved

This is a copy of a drawing that a friend of mine sent me today as I have lost the original. I made this pencil drawing almost twenty years ago for an exhibition I did. The name of the exhibition was "Visages d'Afrique" which can be translated by "Faces of Africa".
This face in particular has followed me through the years although I had lost touch with the drawing.
When I have time, I will post more of my past work.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Tomato is a plant from the solnaceae family which originated in central and south America, most probably in Mexico. The word tomato comes from the Aztec language tomati.
Although tomato is a fruit, it is mostly consumed and cooked as a vegetable.

Tomato is a great source of lycopene which is a carotenoid pigment. Lycopene is an antioxidant which helps prevent cells damage.
Tomato is a great source in antioxidants because it is also a great source of vitamin C and beta-carotene in addition to the lycopene it contains.  This makes it a great help in cancer prevention diet especially for prostate cancer as some studies have found that eating tomato on a regular base could help prevent prostate cancer.

The thing to know about the lycopene in tomato is that unlike the vitamins C, which is mostly lost when heated, the tomato cells release more lycopene when heated. This means that if you want to have more lycopene intake from a tomato, it should be cooked before being consumed.
So to have better benefits from tomato, a diet should be diversified with cooked and fresh tomatoes, as the fresh tomatoes are richer in vitamin C.

Lycopene in particular, but also other antioxidants have been proven to be a good help for bone health as studies have found that the lack of this antioxidants could have consequential changes in bone tissues.
Tomato is also good for the heart health as the antioxidants it contains, and again, especially the lycopene, help reduce the risk of lipid peroxidation in the bloodstream of which one of the consequences is atherosclerosis, it also helps blood fats regulation and help lower cholesterol.

Lycopene is a rich phytonutrient which like any natural product should not be consumed immoderately, as it would lose its ability to heal or protect the organism, which means that a good healthy diet is a diversified diet.

Then whether it is tomato juice, a pizza, or a tomato salad, you should enjoy tomato cuisine in all its form.
Tomato is one of my favorite fruit as I grew up learning how to organically grow tomatoes and other vegetables in our raised bed garden. I loved to eat tomatoes directly from the plant when its sweet scent would mix with the scent of the earth and tickle my noose.

One of my favorite tomato dish is the Mediterranean stuffed tomato, and it’s very yummy!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

When love rings at my door

Illustration by Mariam Martinet aka angel's hair. Copyright © 2016 all rights reserved

When love rings at my door,
I acknowledge that he is the supreme good.
When my mission is completed and the spirit is free.
because the good and the evil are left behind, 
I will go my way, hand in hand with love,
for love is the master of my soul, and light its command, 
In love and light I will stay for the time of my life.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Preview - L'art brut et la folie

This is a preview of my ebook "L'art brut et la folie, Freud et Jung se rencontrent au coeur de la folie" ( "Art brut and madness, virtual encounter between Freud and Jung at the heart of madness")
I translated myself this preview from french, so please forgive my syntax. The original preview in french can be found below.

"Incidentally, it is this same method of penetration of the unconscious self that another disciple of the Freudian psychoanalysis elaborated. The doctor Rorschach has developed the test of the same name, the Rorschach test which consists in proposing to the free interpretation of the evaluated person, a series of plates featuring symmetric marks, knowing that the marks do not represent anything in particular, but that their interpretations by the evaluated person can give a lots of information about their conscious and unconscious psyche.
We will not say more about this test, except that the Freudian experimentation of the human psyche had lots of ramifications that we cannot emphasizes on in a thesis of this size, but that we would have loved to structurally disassemble if we had the time.
Now, let’s go further on the question of the dream and its perceptive manipulations.
The human being is made in such a way that its psychological traumas are repetitive and nagging, and since each picture can be associated to a trauma, because no matter if a picture is personal or not, what imports is the association that will be made of it. There then needs to be a psychological trauma even for a non-traumatic event for the free association to work in the psychoanalytical and also in the psychological framework, because it is what is said that matters, and not what is seen.
Note that the Rorschach test which was published in 1921, was inspired by the not so successful Alfred Binet’s “ink mark test” (1895), and allowed the penetration of the unconscious self of an individual in a different environment, that of the psychological evaluation.
This test helps to determine if an individual is schizophrenic, because schizophrenic are more receptive to it, and also to decide if a psychoanalytical treatment is required.
This test can be used in professional evaluations, and who can refuse a professional evaluation?
Note also that Rorsarch in addition to his close ties with Freud had close ties with Walter Morgenthaler about whom we will discuss later."

"I dreamt that I almost killed doctor Freud"
Illustration by Mariam Martinet aka angel's hair. Copyright © 2016 all rights reserved

Preview in french:
"C’est d’ailleurs cette même méthode de pénétration de l’inconscient qu’un autre adepte de la psychanalyse freudienne mit au point. Le docteur Rorschach développa un test du même nom, le test de Rorschach qui consiste à proposer à la libre interprétation de la personne « évaluée », une série de planches de taches symétriques, sachant que ces taches ne représentent rien, mais que l’interprétation qui en est faite par « l’évalué » nous donne de grandes indications sur son psychique conscient et inconscient.
Nous ne dirons pas plus à propos de ce test, sinon que l’expérimentation freudienne du psychisme humain a de très nombreuses ramifications qu’il nous serait impossible de survoler en un mémoire de cette taille, mais que nous nous serions fait un plaisir de démonter structurellement si nous en avions eu le temps.
A présent, approfondissons la question du rêve et de ses manipulations perceptives. L’être humain étant conçu de telle sorte que ses traumatismes psychiques sont répétitifs et lancinants, et à partir du moment où toute image peut être associée à un traumatisme, car peu importe que l’image soit personnelle ou non, ce qui importe ce sera l’association qui en sera faite, il faut donc qu’il y ait traumatisme, même pour un évènement non traumatique, pour que le principe de l’association d’idée puisse fonctionner dans le cadre psychanalytique et aussi psychologique car c’est ce qui est dit qui importe, et non ce qui est vu.
Notons que le test de Rorschach qui a été publié en 1921, est inspiré du test sans grand succès de « la tâche d’encre » (1895) d’Alfred Binet, et offre la possibilité de pénétrer l’inconscient d’un individu dans un cadre autre, qui est celui de l’évaluation psychologique. Ce test permet entre autres de dire si un évalué est schizophrène, car les schizophrènes y sont plus réceptifs, et de décider si un traitement psychanalytique est requis. Ce test peut également être utilisé dans des évaluations professionnelles, or qui se refuserait à une évaluation professionnelle ?
Notons également dès à présent que Rorschach en plus d’être un adepte de Freud, fut un proche de Walter Morgenthaler sur lequel nous reviendrons bientôt."

"L'art brut et la folie" p92-93

Thursday, October 20, 2016

An exemple of perception manipulation (English et français)

I want today to explain to you how the concept of “perception manipulation” that I developed in my eBook “Vérité et manipulation, De la vérité et de son usage dans les médiasaujourd’hui” works.
It is so easy that you will ask yourself why you’ve never thought about it.
So in the picture below, that I grabbed on a blog named “Message to eagle”, you have as in every blog, a main column, and sidebars, in this case, two sidebars.  We have been taught to read the main column with focus, and not to pay so much attention to the sidebars which usually contains advertising and secondary information. So our conscious self usually totally focuses on the main column, ignoring the sidebars.
But our unconscious self works differently, it always grabs the big pictures, which in this particular case, means that while our conscious self only reads the content in the main column because it has been taught to do so, our unconscious self sees the true message that this blog is providing.
While it is announced to the conscious self that there is a swastika like building at the Denver airport (which is we have to say a false information, the swastika like building on the picture is in reality a bird view of US navy buildings in San Diego California), the unconscious self is taught to associate the two central images on this picture: The swastika and the head which is accompanied by a caption: “Breaking the habit of being yourself”.
These two central pictures are surrounded by references to all kind of Gods and sacred myths, making the central message sacred. Since the swastika in this case really represents the US navy and its perceptive action on human brains, this message is received by the unconscious self as sacred message as well.
We will not go further on the interpretations we could do of these two planes flying in the direction of the swastika, but we could do so if we wanted to.

Je veux aujourd’hui vous expliquer comment le concept de “manipulation perceptive” que j’ai développé dans mon ebook “Vérité et manipulation, De la vérité et de son usage dans les médias aujourd’hui” fonctionne.
Cela est si simple que vous vous demanderez comment vous n’y avez jamais pensé.
Dans l’image ci-dessus que j’ai prise sur un blog appelé «Message to eagle », vous avez comme dans chaque blog une colonne principale, et des petites colonnes, dans ce cas-ci deux. Nous avons appris à porter toute notre attention sur la colonne principale, et à ne pas accorder d’attention aux petites colonnes qui généralement contiennent des publicités et des informations secondaires. Ainsi donc, notre conscient est totalement concentré sur la colonne principale et ignore les petites colonnes.
Mais notre inconscient fonctionne différemment, il saisit toujours le grand tableau, la grille de lecture est différente de la grille de lecture consciente, ce qui veut dire que pendant que notre conscient ne voit que le message adressé dans la colonne principale, notre inconscient lui saisit l’ampleur réelle du message diffusé par le blog.
Pendant que notre conscient reçoit le message qu’il y a un bâtiment en forme de swastika à l’aéroport de Denver (ce qui est d’ailleurs faux, l’image sur la photo représente en réalité une vue aérienne d’un bâtiment de la US Navy a San Diego California), notre inconscient a lui appris à associer les deux images centrales sur la photo : la swastika et la tête accompagnée d’un sous-titre, « Changer l’habitude d’être soi-même »
Ces deux images centrales sont accompagnées par toutes sortes d’images se référant à des Dieux ou à des mythes sacrés, rendant le message central sacré. Comme dans ce cas particulier, la swastika représente en réalité l’US Navy et son action perceptive sur le cerveau humain, ce message est reçu par l’inconscient comme message sacré.
Nous n’irons pas plus loin comme par exemple dans l’interprétation que nous pourrions faire de ces deux engins volants qui semblent se diriger vers la swastika, mais nous pourrions le faire.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Preview - Truth and manipulation

As I promised, I am posting a short preview of my ebook  Verité et manipulation; de la verité et de l'usage qu'il en est fait dans les medias aujourd’hui” ( Truth and manipulation; about the truth and its uses in the medias today).
I did the translation for this preview myself, so please be kind with my grammatical errors.
I take advantage of this post to let the world know that my computer has been hacked while disconnected from the internet ( yes!) and that the website of my university has also been hacked during this work. I have also experienced some interesting threats to my life and those of my loved ones.
All this to say that muslim integrists do not have the monopole of integrism when it comes to different views than their own, and this way I made my point and the point I developed in this book.

“If Moses has pretended to be the victim in the story that opposed him to the Pharaoh, this victimization culture still goes on today, passed on through generations. What religion doesn’t tell us is that Moses is also a traitor to Egypt, instead, it emphasizes on liberty which it considers superior to family fidelity value. Moses descendants experienced the concept of family value treason with their own son who they actually crucified.  
Jesus, prophet of God for some, son of God for the others, but most and all a Jew who was in demand for another lifestyle than the one Judaism was proposing was crucified. It looks like it’s easier to ask for freedom than to give freedom, Jesus Christ was crucified for this and it seems that experiencing personally the guilt imposed to the Pharaoh and his descendants was so hard on Moses and his descendants that two thousand years later, they are still complaining about what they are enduring from the Christians for this gesture, while forgetting that they did the same to the Pharaoh and his descendants based on guilt. One could see this as a cosmic justice.
So here we are, 2016 years after Jesus Christ, playing again this same scenario, but this time, the world as a whole is guilty, first through Hitler, then through the Germans, then through the French, then through the Europeans, then through the Christian world, then through the Muslim world, not to say through the whole wide world for not knowing how to love the Jewish people.
If we will not question the life of the prophets, the history of the prophets is questionable because none of us experienced it. So we will take the holy books for what they are, books that have not been written by the prophets themselves, but that contains exemplary teachings, and if these books do not accomplish their vocation of sanctity, we will question them without any concern for blasphemy or heresy.
The use of the divine for the enslavement of the people is not new, and if the Pharaoh enslaved the Jewish people, the Jewish people very certainly did the same to the world, there is no doubt about this, you just need to turn on your TV or go to the cinema to experience it.”

"He died for our sins"
Illustration by Mariam Martinet aka angel's hair. Copyright © 2015 all rights reserved

 Preview in french

Si Moise aime à se faire passer pour la victime dans l’histoire qui l’a oppose à Pharaon, culture de victimisation qui, semble-t-il, s’est transmise de génération en génération et qui est encore vivante aujourd’hui, Moise est également traitre à l’Egypte, et c’est ce que la religion ne nous rapporte pas ici, mettant de fait la valeur de libération au dessus de la valeur de fidélité familiale. Cette traitrise s’est reportée sur sa propre descendance qui a eu à faire crucifier Jésus Christ, prophète de Dieu pour certain, fils de Dieu pour d’autre, mais juif aussi et surtout, en demande d’une autre vie que celle qui lui était proposée par le judaïsme. Il semblerait que ce soit plus aisé de demander la liberté que de la donner, puisque Jésus Christ s’est vu crucifier pour cela. Il semblerait que l’apprentissage de la culpabilité infligée à la descendance de Pharaon ait été si dure chez ses propres descendants, que deux mille ans plus tard, ils sont encore à se plaindre de ce que les chrétiens leur ont fait subir de ce geste coupable tout en oubliant ce qu’ils ont fait subir à Pharaon et à sa descendance sur la base de sa culpabilité. D’aucun pourrait y voir une justice cosmique.
Nous voilà donc 2016 années après Jésus Christ à rejouer les mêmes scenarios, mais cette fois ci, c’est le monde dans sa globalité qui est coupable en la personne d’Hitler, puis du peuple allemand, puis du peuple de France, puis de l’Europe, puis du monde chrétiens, puis du monde musulman, et au final du monde, de ne pas savoir aimer le peuple juif.
Si la vie des prophètes n’est pas celle que nous remettrons en cause car nous n’y étions pas pour en juger, l’histoire des prophètes elle est tout à fait discutable, car personne d’autre n’y était pour en juger. Nous prendrons donc ces livres saints pour ce qu’ils sont avant tout, des livres qui n’ont pas été écrits par le prophète en question, mais qui contiennent des histoires à vocation exemplaires, et si ces livres échouent à accomplir leur vocation de sainteté, nous les remettons en cause sans ciller, et sans nous questionner plus avant sur la question du blasphème et de l’hérésie.”

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