Friday, January 1, 2016

Duty of I and I

"Water"  Reflexion 6 Watercolor by Mariam Martinet aka Angel's Hair
© 2015 all rights reserved

The time of my life has warned me against war.
Love of my life is I and I in this day of trouble and sorrow.
My life is I and I in this day,
saving I and I from trouble and sorrow.
Love of all things has warned me against war and its despair.
Protecting love is the duty of my life,
and in this duty, I have help from the beloved.
The time of my life is in danger,
and by protecting the time of my life, I protect I and I in love.
Since love is the master of my soul and light its command,
My brothers and sisters in love and light are I and I in this day,
fulfilling our duty of protecting love,
for the accomplishment of light and the beloved.

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