Thursday, January 14, 2016

Light and life

The rhinoceros- Ceramic sculpture by Mariam Martinet aka Angel's Hair
© 2015 all rights reserved 
The time of my life is I and I in this day,
caring for I as I care for love.
Duty of I is I and I in this day of love and content through light and shadows.
Light and shadow are the faces of the same coin and that is coin of the beloved,
yet, I always aim for light for it is the command of my master love,
and it is who I am, an aprentice of love.
As I aim for light, I am light and love for the accomplishment of the beloved
and the peace of our soul in love.
Love is the master of my soul and light its command,
in light and love I rest for the eternity of my life in love.

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