Sunday, January 3, 2016

Loving memory of I

If the heart of I is I in this day,
The time of my life has shown me the way to eternal gratitude.
Love of all things is I and I in this day of trouble and sorrow.
Treason and evil are making their way through the time of my life.
The beloved is I and I in this day, warning me against war and its despair.
Love of all things has seen me drown and resurrect through time of my life.
The beloved has taken me to its place between wholeness and emptiness,
and time of my life is sending to my loved ones the ultimate message of love and I.
If life is the virtue of the living,
Love is the virtue of the loving.
I want you my loved ones to stay in love through this time of trouble and sorrow.
Love is the key to my light,
And in love I will keep my light for the sake of you and your light.
If my light is shinning this shine,
My love is loving this high.
By the grace of the beloved,
The vilain will face its dirt through time of my life,
for love is the master of my soul and light its command,
In love I rest by the grace of the beloved 
and the loving communion of our soul in love.

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