Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Orange is the fruit from the orange tree. It is a hybrid of pomelo and citrus.
The oldest trace of orange in litterature is in chinese literature, around 314 BC. Orange tree is the most cultivated fruit tree in the world.
Orange is very rich in vitamin C and fiber, it is therefore healthy for the digestive system.
Studies by the British journal of nutrition have shown that orange can help in kidney stones prevention and help regulate the urinary system.
The journal of American school of nutrition has found that consuming orange daily may help prevent ulcer and stomach cancer, it is thus of a good help in keeping the stomach in good condition.
Like all orange colored fruits, orange is rich in beta-cryptoxanthin, and zeanxantin which, the first helps the respiratory system, and the second against rheumatoid arthritis.

The commonwealth scientific and industrial research, an Australian research group has found that citrus consumption may help prevent against esophageal, oropharyngeal, laryngeal and stomach cancer. It may also be of some help against cataracts, alzheimers disease, muscular degeneration, ulcerative colitis, Crohn disease and so on.
The Orange contains more than 170 phytonutrients and 60 flavonoids, this might help explain its extensive health benefits.
Among the health benefits is the cholesterol lowering property because it is rich in fibers, the heart booster benefits due to the potassium it contains and the skin protection benefits due to the beta-carotene which it is full of.
In one word, an orange or an orange juice a day is all good for your mental and body health.

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