Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last post in blogger

UPDATE: I have been banned from twitter, Facebook, linkedin and pinterest for "antisémitisme" probably that their jewish sensibility have been hurt by mean me. So I have set up an "en attendant..." blog:

or follow me on Insuu ( before I get banned of course :)

This is my last post in this blog.
It has been nice posting from time to time here, and I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and memories.
Since the time has changed and war has tightens its grip on my reality, I have decided that it was time for me to move on with other projects.
I will open soon another blog, self hosted this time, to avoid being the instrument of any manipulation of any kind, and I wish you all bloggers of good faith the same thing.
I have decided to take this step as I have discovered that some malicious codes where put on my post html, maybe to track the people who would click on certain links. I have noticed this in particular for the post " an exemple of perception manipulation", which is really interesting.....maybe am I not so wrong after all indeed.
So I wish all my friends the best, and hope to see you on my next blog when it is set up. For those who know social medias a little bit, when my new blog is set, it will be published on both my angelshair twitter account and my brand new personal twitter account ( and probably on some other social media places) as a confirmation that it is really me who is posting.....these days, you never know.
To finish on a positive note, my wish for my ennemies, is a path very far from mine, this way, everyone will get a chance to live an enjoyable life!

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